Projeto: Bezzyinveste
Arte para canal de Youtube 
Cliente: Igor Bezerra
Character design: Bia Leme
Project: Bezzyinveste
Art for Youtube Channel
Client: Igor Bezerra 
Character design: Bia Leme
Bezzyinvest is a Youtube channel created by Igor Bezerra in order to explain more about investments in Brazil, with the help of a cute little calf (calf in portuguese is "bezerro", so that is why the name Bezzy, and she is a non binary calf). My job here was to create Bezzy: she needed to be super cute and friendly, and, now talking about the design, it should be very easy and simple to animate. So my very first step was to create a lot of round and circular head designs for her.
First sketches:
After some discussions, I came up with a more certain design. Then it was time to play with colors so I made some tests.
Color tests
My next step was to play with some logo designs, bringing the text next to Bezzy, and playing with colors aswell. My idea here was to choose colors that could communicate to the money business and be fun, which is what the channel is all about. So I went for green and some purples.
After Igor chose the one he liked the most, we made some more adjustments and the final Bezzy design was ready: a well shaped and simple body, with a big head and big eyes to make Bezzy look more like a cute baby.
Final design
Poses and simple expressions
Some more poses
Profile image
Icons and pink money prop
The channel
It was such a fun job to do with my friend Igor Bezerra! We've had a nice time figuring out who Bezzy was going to be and the videos with her animated version are very fun to watch!
Thanks for stopping by! :)
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