Project: pattern design for kids shoes
Client: Kids na Net
Patterns and illustrations: Bia Leme
2020/ 2021
Kids na Net is a online store of kid's clothing. The owner, Tatiana, wanted to have her own line of pattern for kid's shoes. I was given a very important specification: the background colors of the patterns should all be in a dark color because, that way, it wouldn't get a dirty visual, since it's for kids to play with. We work together to come up with the themes: Pantanal animals, birds from Brazil, sea turtles, and space/astronauts. The shoes are made of neoprene, and it was a challenge to see how the colors would come out.
For every pattern design, I had the same approach and process: 
search for references  > sketch ideas  > play with colors  > mockups  > final repeating pattern piece.​​​​​​​
Pantanal Origami
Pattern thumbnails for test:
Birds from Brazil
Some sketches:
Sea Turtles
Little Astronauts
For this pattern, the first idea was to be just a drawing made by a kid with crayons, so I made some fun and cute designs and color options. Later, Tatiane came up with the Space idea, so I've ended up putting astronaut outfits on the kids and animals in the drawing, and that became a very fun idea! Kids playing in the Space! And the black color in the background fitted very well! :)
Some early sketches for the first idea:
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